Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Monday Monday. As we prepare to head out of town for Thanksgiving, I wanted to make sure I got a blog post up. I've mentioned before that these boots are going to be my new fall staple and I wasn't joking. I've worn them soooooo much recently. They are so comfortable too. Not too high, not too low (A little bit of a heel actually is more comfortable to me than a flat) so they have been so easy to throw on to run errands, go to dinner, or whatever. (I don't always run errands in these boots, usually just some Nikes haha). Bonus points for keeping my leggies warm. This coat is the same way... goes with everything, perfect length, and super warm. I have both of these items on constant repeat already. 

                                                                                               double kiss, Hannah

Coat: F&F
Boots: Target

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