Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Monday! So I meant to get at least 2 other posts up this week, but I've been super busy. I had my cousins wedding this past weekend, and I made the 3 cakes for the wedding. The wedding was so gorgeous and the cakes turned out beautiful. Thank God! (More pictures to come and possibly a DIY blog post). Anyway, this Fall I have been so obsessed and inspired by the 70's. Its something that I just feel like comes with fall. There's something about fall that makes me want to fill my closet with mustard yellow, burnt orange, fringe, suede, and bell bottoms. Oh, and cut fringe bangs (which is literally an everyday debate in my head recently). I loved this hippie top from the moment I saw it. It felt like the obvious choice to pair it with some bell bottoms. Here is some other 70's inspo from Pintrest that I'm obsessing over....

Um Farrah in Adidas... HEART EYES EMOJI
Note that I wish these last photos belonged to me, but they do not. Until next time...

                                                                   double kiss, Hannah

My outfit:
Top: Target
Jeans: Target

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