Friday, October 14, 2016

Hey guys! So as of yesterday, there are 6 weeks until Thanksgiving! In preparation for all the festivities, I will be doing a 6 week clean up. I'll be getting strict with my diet and exercise schedule so when turkey day comes, I'll feel a little less guilty about stuffing my face...and maybe I'll also be able to lose those last 10-15 baby lbs. I find that I am feeling my best and stay on track the most when I get everything organized and stick to a schedule...and i mean everything. I usually like to make a "daily schedule" or "habit tracker" that i write everything down on and throughout the day check things off. I'm a list maker and visual person so this really helps me stay on track! Besides following my daily checklist, these are the things I will be really focusing on over the next 6 weeks:

- no alcohol (allowing myself 4 cheats, I mean I have 2 weddings to attend, a girls gotta live!)
- super clean diet 
- only 4 servings of dairy/week (0% plain greek yogurt only)
- 100 oz of water a day minimum
- cardio 6 days per week 
- lift weights 5 days per week 

Ill be posting an update every Thursday to keep me accountable and track my progress. 

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  1. Workout buddies! Although I need to be ready by November 11th for our Cabo weekend 😁


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